Years of experience

Serving The Community Is Our Priority

A1 Appliance Sales and Recycling has been serving its community and customers since 2008. We value the relationships we create with our customers by providing the best of service and prices. We specialize in the sales and service of Refurbished/Scratch & Dent appliances, while also recycling appliances free of charge from the public.

Meet The Team

Patrick Doolittle

Lisa Meyer


To reach our accounting department you can email
patrick@a1appl.com or call (763) 712-1344 ext. 109

To reach the delivery department you can email
lisa@a1appl.com or call (763) 712-1344 ext. 103  

Lisa Meyer

Sales Team


To reach our service department you can email
service@a1appl.com or call (763) 712-1344 ext. 118
Clinton (763) 712-1344 ext. 110 clinton@a1appl.com
(763) 712-1344 ext. 115 vanessa@a1appl.com
(763) 712-1344 ext. 114 charlotte@a1appl.com