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Our Clients Say

I have purchased a number of things from them. One time I had to use the warranty they offer. No complaints or delays. They came and resolved the problem

John Shay


I purchased a “new” washer and dryer last summer. The service was quick and easy. Delivery was too but noticed an extra dent on the top of the dryer. We called and they replaced the top portion of the dryer that was dented, now it’s like new again. Good price and customer service. They corrected the problem.



Incredible prices and lots of help from employees and very welcoming place to shop. Guaranteed product and delivery wow

Tzintzuntzan Cisneros




Do you have a warranty?

Yes we warranty all of our appliances.

We sell 2 different types of appliances: Scratch/Dent and Refurbished.  Scratch and Dent is when a manufacturer puts a physical blemish on an appliance, a dent or scrape.  They are brand new and we offer a 6 Month Warranty on these products!  The other type of appliance we sell is refurbished.  We completely rebuild old appliances to offer you a great buy.  With refurbished appliances we offer a 90 day warranty!

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver! We have 2 options for delivery:


Basic- $79.99. Delivery within a 40 mile radius from location of purchase. Removal of old appliance. Installation of most appliances (Limitations apply, no gas hook-up). Disconnect old appliance. Install, Level, and test purchased appliance (Limitations apply). If more than one appliance is purchased there is an additional 39.99 to install per piece.

Extended- $109.99. Delivery within a 60 mile radius from location of purchase. Removal of old appliance. Installation of most appliances (Limitations apply, no gas hookups). Disconnect old appliances. Install, Level, and test new appliances (Limitations apply).

Do you install appliances?

Yes we install most appliances.  As of now we can install all electric washers, dryers, and stoves!  We do not install gas.  

Do you repair appliances?

Yes we service appliances that have warranties through us. If you have purchased an appliance with us and are need of service, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Where do the rebuilt appliances come from?

We get appliances from many places.  Most of them are recycled or hauled away from a delivery from the public, people that are upgrading their kitchen or laundry rooms. We go through a process of testing, repairing, and rebuilding the old appliances to make it like new again, because of this we can offer people an option to buy something that is far less expensive then buying brand new!

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